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We are experts in creating a holistic vision for your site identifying the interaction of various consumer services is of the utmost importance to generate a sustainable business model.

The aim of a Master Plan is to provide a comprehensive set of guiding instructions for use by the client as a blueprint for future work as your project progresses through more detailed design phases. It also acts as a document to inform potential investors, local or government authorities and other stakeholders of the opportunity.

We define a Master Plan as a well-considered and commercially viable project plan for a future development that draws upon your vision and results from any key conclusions from a commercial feasibility study.

The Master Plan will culminate in a report that combines high-quality imagery with informative text that presents an overview of our design process, proposed circuit designs, 3D architectural renders, land use strategies, key information from the commercial feasibility study, a land parcelisation plan and a project cost estimate, all the things required to provide the best foundation for a successful project.

Other core services include:
* Site Appraisal - selecting the ideal location according to your commercial objectives
* Race Track Design - driving new standards for race track design innovation and quality
* Motorsport Approvals - ensuring the latest guidelines for circuit safety and function have been respected
* Commercial Consultancy - testing the financial feasibility of your early design proposal to build a credible business case
* Architecture - providing world leading architectural services
* Engineering Consultancy - developing pragmatic and cost-effective civil engineering strategies
* Project Management - managing budgets, stakeholders, programme, design and communication
* Asphalt Consultancy - providing turn-key services for the design development and construction of asphalt surfacing
* Cost Consultancy - providing cost management so that all stakeholders in your project have an understanding on likely construction costs
* Operational Consultancy - providing experienced circuit management personnel
* Race track simulation - our simulator aids us in the understanding of sight lines, signage locations, vehicle speeds, run off requirements, driver and spectator experiences

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