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Underpinning any development is high quality civil engineering that is specific to conditions found at your proposed site. We develop pragmatic and cost-effective civil engineering strategies utilising materials and methodologies that are commonly available within the region from a very early stage in the design process so that costs can be identified and managed.

Our approach helps us to minimise the environmental impact whilst deliver on your commercial goals.

We also provide structural, mechanical and electrical engineering during design of any built environment. Providing a one-stop-shop for all engineering needs.

Other core services include:
* Site Appraisal - selecting the ideal location according to your commercial objectives
* Master Planning - a well-considered and commercially viable project plan for a future development
* Race Track Design - driving new standards for race track design innovation and quality
* Motorsport Approvals - ensuring the latest guidelines for circuit safety and function have been respected
* Commercial Consultancy - testing the financial feasibility of your early design proposal to build a credible business case
* Architecture - providing world leading architectural services
* Project Management - managing budgets, stakeholders, programme, design and communication
* Asphalt Consultancy - providing turn-key services for the design development and construction of asphalt surfacing
* Cost Consultancy - providing cost management so that all stakeholders in your project have an understanding on likely construction costs
* Operational Consultancy - providing experienced circuit management personnel
* Race track simulation - our simulator aids us in the understanding of sight lines, signage locations, vehicle speeds, run off requirements, driver and spectator experiences

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